Which is the safest way to do business? Franchise vs. Own business

If you have decided to take the first steps as an entrepreneur, you can choose between setting up your business from scratch or acquiring a franchise. While a franchise involves a certain amount of rigor and predefined work procedures, starting a business on your own will allow you to experience everything from the negotiation of… Read the full article

Fewer imperfections in the GDPR, more success protecting personal data I

As stated before, the new piece of legislation that has everyone talking about, provides protection for individuals for their personal data, ensuring a consistent rule of law throughout the Union. It has been a titanic work to put together the new GDPR, but as in any law, are exceptions, as not everything is perfect. Some… Read the full article

Good faith and Fair dealing – how to sue for a breach?

What is good faith? In contract law, good faith is a general presumption that the parties to the contract will deal with each other fairly, honestly and in good faith, in such way not to destroy the right of the other party to receive the benefits of the contract. The same goes for fair dealing.… Read the full article

GDPR Art. 14(2) f) si g)

“Where personal data have not been obtained from the data subject, the controller shall provide the data subject with the following information: (f) from which source the personal data originate, and if applicable, whether it came from publicly accessible sources; (g) the existence of automated decision-making, including profiling, referred to in Article 22(1) and (4)… Read the full article

Societas Europaea

Incorporation requirements Minimum capital – EUR 120,000 – it is a share capital and is certainly not a low one. Registered office – Must be where its central administration is, where are the business operations. Registration and liquidation – SE’s must be registered at the Commercial Register of the host Member State and follow their… Read the full article

Contractual Liability Insurance for your business. A necessary step?

If you have a business and you plan on entering into a contract, then you should consider insurance for contractual liability. It is just a necessary step to take for your business in terms of risk management. What is Contractual Liability? The contractual liability is the liability you assume on behalf of another party to… Read the full article

Top ten reasons you should invest in Romania

Investing in Romania is something more investors should realize as it provides new markets, globalizing company operations or establishing a new supply-chain partnership. Romania has a young and very well-trained work-force, abundant natural resources, geographical advantages and one of the most flourishing markets in CEE. Romania has a 16% flat rate of taxation, which was… Read the full article

Expanding your Business in Europe

The European Union market is a hard market to ignore for business owners. With more than 480 million consumers and an ever-improving free flow of goods, is a flourishing environment to do business. Each European country has its own rules and regulations regarding foreigners that want to set up a business in Europe, therefore, some… Read the full article

Non–competing clauses

Non-competition clauses are widespread in the employment contracts. Often enough, the employers are the ones that insist on including them in order to defend their business and market position. Because of their need for a job, employees sign the contract. Nevertheless, a conflict can occur when the employees decide to leave the company to work… Read the full article

EU Consumer Law and Data Protection Law

Consumer law and Data Protection law were part of two different worlds for a long time. Consumer law is that field of law concerned with consumers and their relation with traders which provide products or services. Consumer law provides rules and regulations enforcing rights in order to create a fair balance in the transactions between… Read the full article