Service Legal Agreement (“SLA”)

SLA is the abbreviation for a service legal agreement. It is not a Software License but an agreement that sets out the SaaS services provided in addition to the right to use the SaaS software. It forms part of a SaaS agreement, can be included in the main terms and conditions or in a separate… Read the full article

SaaS Agreements – Preparing for change

The General Data Protection which replaces the EU Data Protection Directive and harmonises European Data Protection Law from 25th of May 2018 will have a significant effect on both SaaS suppliers and SaaS customers. However, the GDPR will not fully harmonise the data protection, as each EU country can and may introduce their own requirements.… Read the full article

Now is the time to act!!!

The long-awaited General Data Protection Regulation is now in force and just over 18 months before it will apply in the Member States of the European Union including the UK, more exactly from 25 May 2018. One of the most significant change brought in by the GDPR is that it places direct obligations on data… Read the full article

Brexit – stopping me from freelancing in another EU country?

“My name is Anne and I am a self-employed. I am a UK citizen but I would like to move to another EU country to freelance? In the meantime, Brexit happened… How is this affecting me?” We all heard about Brexit and we all have so many questions regarding this separation. The exact answer depends… Read the full article