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Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act (DPA) is a United Kingdom Act of Parliament which was passed in 1988. It was developed to control how personal or customer information is used by organisations or government bodies. It protects people and lays down rules about how data about people can be used. The DPA also applies to information or data stored on a computer or an… Read the full article

A specially designed form for data subjects to make subject access requests

Standard forms can make it easier both for you to recognise a subject access request and for the individual to include all the details you might need to locate the information they want. Recital 59 of the GDPR recommends that organisations ‘provide means for requests to be made electronically, especially where personal data are processed… Read the full article

Reasons to avoid breaching a contract

A contract is a legal agreement between two parties that have to perform or refrain from doing certain acts. Breaching such legal agreement happens when one of the parties performs an act contrary to what was established in the contract. Whenever this happens, one of the parties will want to recover money for any financial… Read the full article


E-commerce is a transactional activity held, in one way or another by computer technology. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development gives a useful definition to how E-commerce can be defined: “Electronic commerce refers generally to all forms of transactions relating to commercial activities involving both organizations and individuals, that are based on the processing… Read the full article

Do I need Terms and Conditions on my website?

Ever since I started working for online businesses, I got these questions. Does my online business need terms and conditions? Is that really necessary? And what it implies? These are great questions and my answer is that technically you do not need those terms, but probably you should have it there. Of course, after working… Read the full article

Google – forced to change its business practices

The decision of the European Commission after a seven-year legal battle to fine Google with a record fine and force it to change its business practices is a landmark development towards more relevant search results for consumers. The fine came to a record 2.42 billion euros and raising the prospect of more penalties. The consumers… Read the full article