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Fewer imperfections in the GDPR, more success protecting personal data I

As stated before, the new piece of legislation that has everyone talking about, provides protection for individuals for their personal data, ensuring a consistent rule of law throughout the Union. It has been a titanic work to put together the new GDPR, but as in any law, are exceptions, as not everything is perfect. Some… Read the full article

Highlights in EU Employment Law

EU employment law is the area of law that protects all workers across the Union. Mostly, the EU employment law is created at EU level and then is brought into national law of each Member State. However, it is applied differently in each Member State of the Union. All of these laws include: type of… Read the full article

Brexit – stopping me from freelancing in another EU country?

“My name is Anne and I am a self-employed. I am a UK citizen but I would like to move to another EU country to freelance? In the meantime, Brexit happened… How is this affecting me?” We all heard about Brexit and we all have so many questions regarding this separation. The exact answer depends… Read the full article